Wireless Smoke Detectors – The Next Step Up

Combination Smoke and CO Alarm 147083364Wireless smoke detectors could easily be called the next step up in home security and home automation. All wireless technology is pretty much the next step up in connected systems like home security systems. However, making smoke detectors wireless provides added benefits that could easily be overlooked but that should be carefully examined. In this post you’ll read about why we need smoke detectors, why we go with wireless instead of wired home security, and then why wireless smoke detectors are ideal.

Why Do We Have Smoke Detectors?

The answer is clear – to warn us when there is a fire in the area. Smoke detectors serve a few main purposes: to detect smoke or flames, to produce an alert or alarm that warns the homeowners, and to continue sounding until it is clear that someone has either removed the source of the fire or until someone has reset the smoke alarm or removed it from its power source.

Why Should We Choose Wireless Instead of Wired?

1254480_84097959While this is discussed in greater detail in one of the other pages on this site, there are key benefits of choosing to go with wireless home security over wired. The most important of these is that in wireless security systems, the connection between the appliances and sensors is always maintained by radiofrequency waves. There is no dependence on cords that can be damaged or cut to ruin the connection between security devices.

Why Use Wireless Smoke Detectors?

Wireless smoke detectors bring the best of both worlds together. First off, the smoke alarms in your house are all connected. If you live in a large house, or even if there are only two stories or if you’re in a room on the opposite side of the house, it’s hard to hear what’s going on in the other rooms, particularly if your door is closed. But if something happens in the kitchen to cause the smoke detector alarm to go off, and you’re using a wireless home security system, then all the connected wireless smoke detectors in your house will also go off. Thus, you will be able to hear the alarm and be warned of the danger instead of being completely unaware in your office while the kitchen is burning down. It also means that not only you but your entire household will be warned at once, so that you can all hurry to get out to safety. Now, one seeming downside to this is that if all the alarms go off at the same time, how will you know which one was the source of the alarm? Wireless smoke detectors account for this with a flashing light on the initial smoke detector unit that sensed the smoke or flames. Thus, if it is a false alarm, you can find the one that went off the first time and fix the problem. Additionally, some wireless smoke alarms have an alternating voice warning along with the ringing alarm so that you are more likely to notice the problem. It is easy for some people to tune out a steady alarm sound, particularly if they can’t hear it due to hearing problems, and some people (particularly children) will not wake up to an alarm. But with this alternating voice to alarm warning, wireless smoke detectors are able to arouse the attentions of most individuals.

Wireless smoke alarms really are a fantastic addition to home security. With the development of wireless technology, home security has gotten even better, and wireless smoke detectors are the means to saving lives all around.